The Future of Education is Now

inserts_generalPublic education is at a crossroads in the United States.  American cities have emerged as the centers of innovation and progress in education policy at a time when national policies are at the mercy of a legislative stalemate in Washington.  In cities across America real, actionable policies are being implemented to revolutionize the education of our youngest generations.

The mayors of four major U.S. cities have joined together to build and launch the Mayors for Educational Excellence Tour (MEET). This tour will elevate proven ways to improve education, and scale these successes to other challenging urban areas across the country and across school types.

The founders of MEET are:

*Julian Castro, Mayor of San Antonio, TX

*Michael Hancock, Mayor of Denver, CO

*Kevin Johnson, Mayor of Sacramento, CA

*Angel Taveras, Mayor of Providence, RI

Mayors Castro, Hancock, Johnson and Taveras will embark on a nationwide tour this fall, traveling to each other’s cities to tour the public school systems and see the real results of successful education reform.  MEET’s leaders believe that high quality public education is critical for the future success of their cities and for the preparation of students in the burgeoning global economy.

MEET is not a listening tour—it is a learning tour.  This tour will highlight the most innovative reforms that are working within public schools in Denver, Sacramento, Providence and San Antonio.   Basic, common sense measures in each city have already yielded impressive gains in

  • Graduation rates
  • Subject proficiency, specifically reading comprehension, math and science
  • Lower dropout and attrition rates
  • More students accepted to and graduating from college

These reforms, universally named as top issues in education throughout the country, can be scaled efficiently to create hundreds of thousands of quality public school experiences across the United States.  What works in one classroom can work in another, creating stronger classrooms, better-prepared students, thriving communities and a stronger country.

We have not seen anything like this done in education to date.  The 4 mayors of MEET, leading minority politicians from regions across the U.S., are all intimately aware of the need to improve education for student of color.  Each mayor is a byproduct of the public education system in the city he now leads, which plays a large role in their collective passion for education improvement.

This fall, their vision becomes a reality.  MEET kicks off its inaugural tour stop in Denver, where the mayors on a mission begin this cross-country journey to improve the education system for America’s youth.